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Kadha Parayumbol Photos

Directed by : M. Mohanan
Produced by : Mukesh, Sreenivasan
Written by : Sreenivasan
Starring : Sreenivasan, Mammootty, Meena, Mukesh, Innocent, Jagadeesh, Salim Kumar, KPAC Lalitha
Music by : Jayachandran
Cinematography : P. Sukumar
Editing by : Ranjan Abraham

Kadha Parayumbol is a Malayalam film directed by M. Mohanan and released in 2007. Story is written and co-produced by Sreenivasan.

Kadha Parayumbol was a commercial and critical success. Story of the movie revolves around Balan (Sreenivasan), a barber in a small village. He is living with his wife Sridevi (Meena) and his children.

The story takes a turn when Superstar Ashok Raj comes to the village for shooting on one of his movies. The film is all about childhood friendship between Ashok Raj and Balan who studied together in the same school.

Balan becomes the most noted and talked about man in the village.But the fact remained that Balan has never disclosed this closeness with the star, to any one in the village. Balan was reluctant to go ahead and refresh his friendship with Ashok Raj in the fear that the superstar may not identify him. People gradually start to stamp him as a cheat who is there to make good for him, spreading false stories about his acquaintance.

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