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Love In Singapore Photos

Banner: M H M Productions
Cast: Mammootty, Navneeth Kaur, Salimkumar, Suraj Venjaaramoodu, Harishree Ashokan, Bijukuttan Rajan P Dev, Lalu Alex, Nedumudi Venu
Direction: Rafi-Mecartin
Production: Rafi
Music: Suresh Peters
Distributor: Jereesh Jose

Love in Singapore is directed by the director duo Rafi-Mecartin and features Malayalam superstar Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu and Navaneet Kaur.

Mammootty is Machu in the movie, an orphan who became a big shot from his really difficult and modest beginnings as a petty scrap dealer. His rags to -riches story impresses Andrew Perreira, an NRI who is an industrialist in Singapore.

His financial advisor insists that he convert his wealth to stocks, and decamps to Singapore with it when it`s done. Machu follows him to Singapore to get his money back when love happens.

Jayasurya and mammootty
Rajan p dev
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Mammootty and jayasurya
Love in singapore photo 1
Jayasurya photo 1
Love in singapore photo 3
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Mammootty nedumudi venu
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Love in singapore photo 2
Love in singapore photo 4
Salim kumar
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Mammootty still
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Mammootty and rajan p dev
Salim kumar mammootty
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Mammootty photo
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