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Pandaya Kozhi Photos

Cast: Narain, Pooja, Sudheesh, Geetha, Madhu, Janardanan, Rami Reddy
Direction: M A Venu
Production: Lal
Music: Alex Paul

Pandaya Kozhi casts Narain in the lead role opposite Pooja. Narain plays the role of Bharathan, who has a group of good friends played by Sreejith Ravi, Anoop Chandran and Sudheesh.

These group of youth has got a share of problems at their village. To get over them, they plan to sell a house and some property that Bharathan owns in Kalimuthupalayam in Tamil Nadu. The journey of the group ends up in bigger problems as a number of mysteries associated with the TN house, has to be solved before they sell the house. In the village they meet a bold girl Chembakam (Pooja) with whom Bharathan falls in love.

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Pandaya kozhi photo
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