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Vellathooval Photos

Cast: Ranjith Menon, Nithya, Lalu Alex, Jagathy, Ganeesh, Revathy, Seema, Swetha Menon
Direction: IV Sasi

Vellathooval movie is based on Jiya and Manu. Jiya, daughter of James and Lisa and grand daughter of Mrs Koshi, who enjoyed her teenage like a `white feather', ie at this age youth enjoy their life without knowing what is wrong and right. Joya's life resembles that of a feather.

Manu is coming from a family, where always happens unrest. He got fed up with his life and left home. He thinks he would become a murderer if he stays at home. Simultaneoulsy Jiya and Manu were becoming very good friends. But the society misunderstood them and considered them lovers.

Nithya still 3
Nithya still 2
Nithya still 1
Ranjith menon nithya still 3
Ranjith menon nithya still 1
Ranjith menon nithya still 2
Ranjith menon and nithya
Ranjith menon