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Venal Maram Photos

Bala, Cochin Haneefa, Suraj Venjaramood, Mala Aravindan, Mamukoya, Indrans, Anoop Chandran, Kottayam Chandran, Kiran Raj, Lakshana, Sona, Satyapriya, Sona Nair

Director : Mohana Krishnan
Producer : Sasikumar Nattakom
Music: Ram Surendran
Banner : S. K. Entertainments

Glamorous actress Sona acts as a tough moneylender named Muthu Laxmi in Venal Maram. On her marriage day, her husband gets murdered by his enemies. After the death of her husband, Muthu Laxmi continues her moneylending activity. She hires a goonda Vasavan as her bodyguard.

While her business develops, she keeps waiting for her husband's murderer, to take revenge on him. When the murderer is released from prison, she executes him with the help of Vasavan. She has an inclination towards Vasavan but he is in love with Ammu, who is his childhood companion.

The story is set in the beautiful backdrop of Palakkad. Laxana handles the role of Ammu and Bala the role of Vinayak.

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